How to achieve clarity of mind: letter writing exercise.

Following on from my blog about cathartic writing last week, this is a simple exercise I like to use to help with emotional cleansing and gaining closure. It can also help to warm up your creative muscles and rid you of any emotional baggage that may be bogging you down. By undertaking this letter writing exercise you exorcise the mental fog and gain clarity of thought so that you can progress with your writing.

“This writing exercise is simply drafting a letter that you do not intend to send”.

This writing exercise is simply drafting a letter that you do not intend to send. You can write (say) whatever you want in the letter, as you never intend to actually send it on to the envisioned recipient. You can address it to whomever you want, a past critic, a current critic, living or dead. You can write it to people, institutions, yourself, an event or even a higher being if you want. It is the chance to express yourself completely and purge your feelings and thoughts. If you are angry then allow yourself to feel fully into that rage. Write aggressively, be unreasonable. Say the things you would never say out loud or to a person’s face.

Are you struggling with unacknowledged feelings?

I believe that most of us are struggling with unacknowledged powerful feelings such as grief, rage, frustration, betrayal, hurt or suffering. Sometimes there is no way to express these emotions without destroying an important relationship in the process. And so they weigh us down and cloud our minds. By writing a letter addressing these feelings it can help you to understand the difficult issues and lay to rest those emotions and hardships to give you a sense of closure. The letter can help siphon off unhelpful emotions and baggage that may be holding you back. You don’t even need to keep the letter; in fact destroying it once finished can further enhance that cathartic release. Watching all those emotions and anger go up in flames and drift away can be incredibly freeing.

So what are you waiting for? Give this letter writing exercise a try and see how it makes you feel after.

I would love to hear your ideas on this writing exercise and if you have tried it, or something similar.