Should you participate in an online writing course?

Have you been considering participating in an online writing course? Are you unsure whether it is worth the time and effort to study? Keep reading for why a writing course can be beneficial to you as a novice writer.

Ways an online writing course may benefit your writing:

You should keep in mind that studying a creative writing course is not a prerequisite for becoming a writer. However, there is the belief that it can increase your odds of getting published.

  • It can improve your vocabulary.
  • You develop your creative thinking and problem-solving skills through analysis of different styles of writing and developing your own projects.
  • Many online courses that are offered can teach you how to give and take constructive criticism.
  • You can learn how to organise your ideas and write clearly.
  • Provides a community to share and debate ideas with fellow classmates.
  • It can help reignite your passion, or lead to inspiration, for writing.
  • You will meet new people who share common interests.
  • Many courses will give you tools and knowledge to plot, plan and develop your writing projects.

What kind of online writing course should you do?

This is really up to you and what you want to achieve. There are so many out there, it is a matter of reading up about the course, what it has to offer and working out if it is the one for you.

You can do anything from novels (including specific genres) and childrens’ books to screen writing and plays. What is your passion? What is your niche? You can study them all, or none. The choice is yours.

There are also courses out there for specific things like character development, plotting and using different programs such as scrivener and word for your writing projects. These can be useful if you wish to know more in-depth the tiny elements that go into a writing project and the tools that can make it easier and more time effective.

The best things about online writing courses?

Many online courses have a learn-at-you-own-pace style, where the lessons are posted on a weekly basis, and you get to them when you get to them. This is great for those people who are trying to fit their writing in around other employment, family, kids and chores.

I have taken several different online writing courses now, and can recommend them as a way to build confidence and skills. You may well be thinking to yourself, “but you still aren’t published”! And that is a very good point. I am not saying taking an online writing course is a sure way to publish your work, however due to the confidence, knowledge and tools you gain through online courses it can increase your chances. Online courses are also a fantastic way of forcing you to actually put pen to paper, rather than simply thinking about it!

You can do a simple Google search for online writing courses and you will have thousands of results pop up. I am a fan of any Australian ones, but I am sure that is no surprise seeing as I am from Australia! I personally have found that the Australian Writers Centre offers some fantastic courses, online and in person. They are generally affordable too (always an added bonus)! I am bias of course, but it is a great starting point for anyone out there looking for writing courses.

If you have found a great online writing course I would love to hear about it!