Grammar: Why is it so important?

Being an effective communicator and writer helps you make a positive impression on your clients and readers. Regardless of the language spoken, or the country of origin, grammar is the foundation of communication.


Grammar is the structural foundation upon which speech and writing is built. It is how we effectively communicate our meaning. To be technical, grammar is a set of rules that deal with the syntax and word structure of language.

By studying grammar and gaining a clearer understanding of how our language works you become a more effective writer. It provides for a sound knowledge of how to shape words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs to form powerful and persuasive writing.


Simply put, using correct grammar makes you look more intelligent. Not only this, but as mentioned above it helps you to write powerfully, clearly and persuasively.

These days most communication happens through emails and messages. Using correct grammar and spelling is imperative to this form of communication. Not only are you trying to sell yourself as a writer, but you also want to ensure your ideas, pitches and messages are clear and concise. You do not want any misunderstanding. And there is no quicker way to have a client or publisher turn down your work then to present them with an unreadable and grammatically incorrect email, message or writing project.


Learning grammar is worthwhile to improve your writing and therefore your chances of publishing your work. Correct grammar should be considered another tool in your writing arsenal. If you cannot be bothered to learn an invaluable tool, then why would people bother reading your work? You do not need to be an expert by any means, but a sound grasp of basic grammar will go a long way to improve your writing. Once you have mastered basic grammar it will become an instinctual part of your writing process, and proofreading and editing become less of a chore.

There are many books out there, as well as free grammar sites. Whether you choose to purchase a book or find a site that resonates with you and your learning style is up to you. My advice is to set aside a little bit of time each week, even an hour or two will do, to study grammar. You will find that your writing improves, and your work sessions flow easier and more smoothly with the simple addition of good grammar.


Please keep in mind that I am Australian, therefore these sites are specific for Australian grammar. Some of the sites are also from the United Kingdom, as that as what we base our grammatical structures upon.

I would love to hear your opinion on the importance of grammar, and if you have found any particular grammar resource helpful.

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