Time Management

Time Management

I have struggled the last few weeks to get any writing done. I have found myself crawling into bed at the end of the day, without turning my computer on or picking up a pen. This is no way to get my novel finished! So I asked myself, how can I manage my time better?

It used to be that on a Sunday evening I would sit down and plan out my week, almost to the hour. When I was at work, when I would exercise, when I would write, complete housework, shop, cook, catch up with friends etc. When I left nursing for 12 months of maternity leave, I thought “Great, now I will have more time for writing”. Ha Ha! What was I thinking?

It is hard to fit in everything with a little person to look after as well. House work, exercise, personal hygiene, shopping, walking the dog etc…..So how do I plan my time? How do I prioritise?

This time, instead of planning what times I will do everything, I set myself a writing task to complete each day. Be that as much as a whole chapter, or as small as one scene, planning a blog or my next writing project, or any other writing task. I set completion dates for each task and project so that I have to work to a deadline, which helps to keep me motivated and moving forward.

The important thing for me is whenever I get some spare time during the day I write. I also set aside an hour each night where I can dedicate my time and energy to bashing out some words without all the distractions of motherhood, day job and chores. I may not get as much done as I used to, but I am still working at something I love and gradually turning it into a career.

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