Lies About Becoming A Writer.

Lies About Becoming A Writer

I just read an interesting article “7 Lies About Becoming A Writer (that you probably believe)”┬áby Joe Bunting.

He addresses 7 common myths about becoming a writer that we too often believe we need to follow in order to be successful or about how big that success will be. I have no delusions about how tough the journey is to becoming a recognised and published writer, and maintaining that success. However, this article drives the point home. Publishing my first novel isn’t about a get-rich-quick scheme, or a step to living a life of luxury. To me it is about personal accomplishment and pride. I have always dreamt of being an author, and I will achieve it!

I would also add another common belief to his list of 7 lies. Creativity and talent. (Yes I know, technically that is two additions)! Whilst having some creativity and a talent for writing helps, I don’t believe it is essential. If you have what you think is a solid idea, then start writing! There are so many sites out there that can help you plot and plan your idea. Or you can always hire someone to aid in fleshing out your idea and making it work. I have never thought of myself as a creative person, yet here I am making a career (or attempting to) out of writing. It is not about talent, creativity or inspiration. It is simply about a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King


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  1. I often refer to myself as an ‘untalent’ – always seeing talent as something that would be blatantly obvious in people. Like those who pick up a musical instrument and perform a beautiful masterpiece without seeming to struggle in the least. Yet I think you are right, even those with talent need to practice and work hard at it, and writing is a skill that can be learnt through perseverance and patience.

    • @romingglutenfree, whilst I do agree that there needs to be some natural talent I fully believe that talent will get you only so far. It is hard work and perseverance that will pay off in the end. I also believe that you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment, pride and achievement if you have had to strive to succeed.

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