When is your favourite time of the day/night?

When is your favourite time of the day?

This is not a writing related post! It has simply been on my mind lately and I wanted to put it out there. When is your favourite time of the day/night? Not to write or create or work. I am talking about a time that you simply enjoy being still. A time where you pause and reset. A time where you take a deep breath, close your eyes and let go of the stress and chaos around you.

My favourite time of the day/night has always been right on dusk, as the colours slowly fade away and blend into the night. It has become even more so over the last year as it tends to be the only time I have to myself. My husband comes home from work and takes over baby duties, so I get out of the house and go for a walk. If I am feeling adventurous and keen I may even run! But for the most part, I just want to enjoy and soak up that dusk feeling. Where the world seems to pause and everything is peaceful and calm.


I especially love those crisp autumn dusks. Where it has been one of those beautiful sunny autumn days, the sky a vivid blue and as the sun slowly sets it seems to make the trees glow golden and red. Everything is so still and calm, it helps to create peace and silence in my mind. I return home refreshed and ready to tackle the nightly chores of cleaning up after the baby, and finally sitting down to write.

So when is your favourite time of the day/night? I would love to see some great descriptive writing and photos!

NB: I would never call myself a professional photographer! The photos I posted have generally been snapped on my phone as I am walking or enjoying the moment.

2 thoughts on “When is your favourite time of the day/night?

  1. Rarely do I have the chance to see the sun rise, my love of sleep fighting with my love of early mornings. On the occasions that I do I always feel a sense of peace and aloneness. It often feels like I’m the only person awake and enjoying the early morning. I have the sunrise all to myself and I feel so privileged and happy to have that experience.

    • That is the struggle I have. Wanting or needing more sleep versus the dawning of a new day full of possibilities, and the endless to do list! I understand what you mean by that sense of solitude at dawn, it is beautiful! I hope you continue to enjoy many more beautiful dawn mornings. 🙂

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